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The leather here is not nearly so durable as what is prepared at home and 
consequently the shoes wear out much sooner, where the roads are rough and the 
work is hard.  No one need encumber themselves with clogs or pattens:  the rough roads
render them worse than useless, even dangerous, in the spring and fall, the only wet 
seasons; in winter the snow clogs them up and you could not walk ten yards in them 
and in summer there is no need of them.  Buy shoes instead or for winter wear a good pair
of duffle boots, the sole overlaid with India-rubber or gutta pereha.

India-rubber boots and over-shoes can be bought from 4s. to 7s. 6d., if extra good 
and lined with fur or fine flannel.  Gentlemen's boot, long or short, can be had also but I 
do not know at what cost.  Old women's list shoes are good for the house in the snowy 
season, or good, strongly-made carpet shoes; but these last, with a little ingenuity, 
you can make for yourself.

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By Mrs. C. P. Traill
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